BlueICe is composed of a team of semiconductor professionals, offering a broad set of semiconductor related services and IP. We translate our customers’  ideas into silicon. Our team is organized around a number of top talents with different semiconductor competences.

BlueICe positions itself as a one stop shop, taking ownership of large or less large projects. We live up to our commitments, are not afraid to share project and business risk. Alongside this business model we also offer to embed our experts inside customer's teams, contributing to projects driven directly by our customers.

BlueICe is flexible, fast, committed, with quick feedback cycles. We typically offer free feasibility studies  giving our customers a quick idea about what silicon or FPGA can offer to solve their problem.

Project Scope

Our project scope goes beyond SOC development.  We are capable and have execute projects in the following:

  • RTL verification, Building automated, randomized, C-based benches to thoroughly verify RTL and RTL with application software.
  • Validation, building a complete hardware/software environment capable to run automated test scenarios and validating an SOC or an FPGA based implementation.
  • Turnkey SOC development, up to layout. We master all competences to do this, except analog and RF design. If these are required we have a number of partnerships in place.
  • Embedded software development.
  • FPGA development. 

BlueICe has a unique competence, knowledge in wireless systems, especially in Wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

BlueICe offers a (limited) number of IPs, all of them engineered for state of the art and beyond performance. Most of them driven by the focus on Wireless systems.

Execution Quality

Execution quality is one of our core values. For us it means far-going, largely automated, randomized simulation based verification and if possible with models of the [analog] surrounding world and with the [complete] application software.

It goes hand in hand with execution effectiveness where we want to be frugal, efficient, fast and automated.

We eradicate ‘design by simulation’; we are not afraid to redo small or less small parts of a development if we feel the initial architecture is not ‘good’ enough: becoming “a spaghetti”, hard to verify.

90% feasibility

In all our decisions we go to “90%” of what is maximum feasible. “90%”  stands for the point where the additional cost outweighs the benefits. This philosophy applies e.g. to the power consumption of an IP, where we architect for 90% of best possible even if this looks an overkill at first sight.

This aim applies to verification, validation, and algorithmic development.

In our belief it leads to great product, competition proof; low bug levels, to faster overall project lead times, and finally to overall lower project costs.

It means we stop thinking when doing more is costing too much…

Research and IP development

BlueICe invests in Research and IP development to realize breakthrough architecture and IPs.

Our area of interest is ultralow power programmable architectures, which can be tuned to specific application as wireless transceivers, RADAR receivers and image processing. We are investing in an all_digital PLL architecture featuring low phase noise, fast frequency settling time and very low power consumption.

We have relationships with IMEC, INTEC, TU-Delft, IWT on these research topics.